what's next: February

I've been talking a lot about health around these parts lately. And that isn't all I'm about. I don't think I ever told you guys, but I made a schedule and spread my resolutions out throughout the year. And I'm right on track so far. December (yes, the Overachiever started early) was slated to research health and weight-loss programs and choose one for the new year. January was the month to implement that program. February is the month to research and read about budgeting and money management. Then, in March, I'll implement a system.

And I'm starting with Money: A Love Story by Kate Northup.

Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 5.11.23 PM

I totally pre-ordered this book. And it has been sitting on my desk downstairs - on the very top of my stack - ever since. She totally did the circuit of all of the self-help people that I eat up. I listen to a lot of podcasts and interviews on my commute (I spend three hours in the car three days a week), so I heard a lot of hype about the book. And her methods sound affirming and awareness-based instead of restrictive and shaming. So I was in.

And then? I just sat on it.

Earlier this week, I went downstairs, picked it up, and dusted it off. Literally. It is in my purse. I'm carrying it with me. I'm just letting it get cozy hanging out with me. I'm giving myself until the middle of February to get it read.

In the meantime, what finance and budgeting people should I be reading? I read nothing in this field right now. Who is entertaining and engaging and encouraging? I'm excited to see what resources you all point me to!


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