what's working - my program

Like I mentioned briefly in my post about refocusing, I made an investment in myself and signed up for nutrition and exercising coaching with Precision Nutrition. I'm not sure who sent me the link initially, (I'm thinking Jaemie, maybe?) but I received it in a tweet with a "hey! This sounds like your coaching + weight loss!" and I  was intrigued. And the more I read, the more spot-on that was. It seemed right up my alley. Prompts, direction, accountability. Sign me up.

So I did.

But the more I started reading about it between the time I signed up and when it actually started, the more resistance I could feel brewing. Seriously? We're going to do two weeks of coaching BEFORE we even talk about food? But then I read ahead and am appalled by the way we will handle food because there is NO WAY this will work for me. And then? The workout schedule? That's like taking a huge step back for me!

Then I take a step back and remember that I am being responsive. That what I have been doing isn't working. That I need to trust the process. I have to trust the experts. I have to remember that my efforts have only been sporatic anyway, and that being consistent with anything will be an improvement.

I need to act and do instead of know and learn.

I am stubborn, friends.

Once the program actually got started last week, though, everything felt so much better. I had things to do. I bought exercise equipment (because - of course - our gym was closed for remodeling the week I needed to use it). I started a new notebook. I picked a daily habit. I had a reflection/action task for each day.

And I'm loving it. So much.

Of everything I've done this week, my favorite has been the vision board. I'm not going to lie - I usually roll my eyes at these things. I'm not artsy. Collages frustrate me. But it was suggested to do a Pinterest board, and just like that, I fell in love with the activity. (And I usually don't like Pinterest either. Go figure.)

The premise is to see who I want to be when I finish my year with the coaching program. What adventures I want to be having. What I want to be doing. How I want to look and feel. Once I got started, I couldn't stop. I was blown away by how inspired I truly felt. I was surprised at the style of clothing I was drawn to. What I want became crystal clear when I could just click the red "PIN IT" button.

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 9.33.40 AMClick here for my 2015 pinterest board - it will be ever changing, I'm sure.

This board solidifies so many things for me. I don't need to grow out my hair. I'm excited about continuing to be vegetarian at home. I want to dress in layers and stripes and skinny pants and Toms and nerdy glasses.

This board is who I already am. In there somewhere. This life waiting for me is just the already-me with more focus and intention and discernment.

I am starting to see that restriction today will lead to freedom tomorrow.

And that, my friends, is incredibly liberating.