You know what irritates me? Triggers.

I don't think it is fair that figuring out what is triggering me doesn't make it stop.

And today is FULL of triggers.

I want something sweet - everything sweet, actually. and some salt while we're at it - because I'm crazy hormonal right now.

I want a cat (this teenage one, to be exact) because this is a hard week every year and I just want something to take care of and mother.

So I can explain my demanding and unusual behaviors. I know why they are here. But I can't make them stop.

"Hey, Desire to Drive Through Starbucks! I know why you're here, and I'm just gonna pretend that I don't hear you!"

Um, no.

Instead, I'm all like "GET IN MY BELLY!" (Except not yet. I'm trying.)

"Hey there, cute little kitten! You are just a representation of something else. I can let this feeling go."

Not quite.

Instead I'm stalking her on the Internet. And thinking of names. Current winner: The Governor.