from here to there

Sometimes the story of how I got somewhere entertains me as much as where I ended up. I came across this Linchpin Manifesto by Seth Godin the other day. And it spoke to me something fierce.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 10.03.04 AMBut what I took from it - where my brain went - was somewhere totally different.

I started thinking about my linchpin habit within ME. (And I talked to one of you in coaching about this too.) What is my one habit that makes things happen in my life? What is it that I do that gives me energy? What is it that I do that just gives momentum for the rest of my life?

Over the past few weeks, since I reevaluated the marathon, I've backed way off with a lot of things. I've been cooking and eating intuitively (which strangely feels comfortable), but that's it. I haven't been running regularly. I have been coaching where I am, but not seeking to create more opportunities. I've been treading water.

And I've realized that as comfortable as that is, it isn't me.

So I've been looking back through my planner to figure out what my linchpin habit is. And it has become pretty clear.

I need to be scheduled. I need things within my day where I need to be certain places at certain times. I need running dates. I need coaching sessions scheduled throughout the week. I need times that I will listen to my marketing calls (I miss having a scheduled class!). I need structure.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm revamping the running group schedule for the fall/winter. I'm putting yoga back in my calendar. I'm scheduling my classwork. I'm scheduling the heck out of this week.

I've also been looking at where I know I struggle. There is one day of the week where I really struggle to maintain focus, where I try anything I can to avoid my evening commitment. I REALLY need to schedule that evening in a way that encourages me. So I'm asking for your help. I need to fill my 4:30pm EST spot. I'm looking for either several discovery sessions the next few weeks, or an ongoing client (at a discounted rate, since you'd really be helping me). Interested? Fill out this form (for either a complimentary stand-alone session or testing-the-waters to possibly go ongoing) and we'll see if we can get something rolling.

Think back on a time where you felt really on, really productive, really plugged in. What were you doing then that you just aren't doing now? What could you do to implement that linchpin habit?