my worst case

After my recent post about my ideal day (and in response to a coaching conversation I had), I started thinking about what I really want for myself. And how much pressure I put on myself. And what really I am so afraid of. What is really the worst that can happen?

If nothing changes -

...if I don't lose this weight that is plaguing and perplexing me.

...if I don't make coaching my full-time gig.

...if my closets are a mess.

- then what?

And the answer was amazing.



I will still be a runner. Maybe not a marathoner, but I will still be a runner.

I will still be working a job that I don't love, but I don't hate. And I'll make my meaning from my coaching gig on the side.

I will still have the love of my amazing husband, family, and community.

I will still have a cute wardrobe, even if the number isn't what I think it should be and I can't always easily find what I'm looking for.

If I stay EXACTLY who I am today, there's not a single thing wrong with that. There's not a single thing wrong with me. There isn't a single thing wrong with my life.

Yes, I have goals. Yes, I have things that I want to do and be. But they are just that - wants. They aren't needs. I do have ambition and motivation, but I'm not running away from anything. I can make movement towards "better" without running away from who I currently am. Because who I currently am is pretty stinking awesome.

So there's that.


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