desire for a day

I have to confess that the latest Desire Map prompt scared me. A lot. I really didn't think I'd want to think about this. I was afraid I'd end up creating some great (and depressing) divide between where I am and where I want to be. But that's not what happened at all.

What does my "ideal normal" look like?


  • yoga
  • coffee
  • easy, not rushed
  • smoothie at my desk


  • productivity - completing lots of things on my to-do list
  • a run
  • colorful lunch
  • work that makes me smile


  • laid-back time cooking in the kitchen
  • time with friends
  • snuggles with Nathan on the couch
  • time set aside for growing me
  • favorite shows without guilt

Once I worked through this? I was shocked at how close all of this feels. I didn't end up with explicit goals - x number of coaching clients, x amount of coaching income, x number on my mailing list, working for myself, etc.

All of this - each piece of my ideal normal - seems very possible with where I am now.

Mind = blown.

(I also really dig the worksheet she has for this week, but I don't really have a printer in this awesome coffee shop.)