4/40 Challenge

As usual, my sweet friend Cassie has hit another challenge out of the park. Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 8.27.14 AM

And the printable is bee- you-tee-full.

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 8.28.54 AM

Here's what I love about her 4/40 challenge:

  • I love that there is a "family" goal. So often, I get caught up in ME ME ME in challenges and when I'm focusing on self-affirming behaviors. It makes so much sense to add a goal that builds connections.
  • I love that I can choose how many days I want to complete each goal. 40 isn't really feasible for some of my goals, but 35 is. It is nice to be able to set up the expectation within the printable without having to make a lot of ugly marks or amendments. Nice and easy spot for it.
  • I love that it gives me an opportunity to get momentum going into the holidays. It is so easy to just throw my hands up and give up all of my healthy goals when the holidays come around. This will give me momentum.
  • Did you SEE the printable?

Okay, now let's talk about my goals.


I will track my food intake 40/40 days. I will not get all caught up in the counting of calories, but I will track my food. There are wonky things going on with my body right now, and I will see a nutritionist next month. I want to make sure I am taking accurate information into that process. So no judgement, just tracking. Every day.


I will get 30 minutes of NON-RUNNING exercise 35/40 days. I know that this ins't feasible on some long-run days. And this can be 30 minutes of whatever I want it to be. Yoga, zumba, walking, weights. No limits. I just think my body isn't responding to running as a calorie burner in the way that it used to, so I need to shake it up. I also reserve the right to count 1 hour of Zumba as 2 30-minute segments.


I will put more-than-a-ponytail effort into my hair 35/40 days. It doesn't have to be all-out straight. It can be a purposeful side-bun where I take a curling iron to the straggly hairs (like yesterday). Or it can be dried curly and put up with a variety of bobby pins. Anything that expresses effort to those that see me.


We will have one meal a day at a table 4/40. At dinner last night (and Friday night too), how nice it was to actually talk to Nathan. Face-to-face. Without distractions. WIthout tv. It was nice. It doesn't have to be JUST me and Nathan to count either. Or Nathan doesn't even have to be included. But one meal a day. At a table. Without distractions. With someone.

So are you playing along?

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