i'm ready to build. horizontally.

I'm sure this won't come to a surprise to you - because I'm sure that some of you are the same way - but I suck at listening to myself. You? I could talk you through a problem all day long. We wouldn't quit until we had a few things for you to try that were possible solutions and that truly felt good at the bottom of your stomach. I can creatively problem solve for days and love every minute of it.

But me? With my own stuff? I have a hard time talking myself through my confusion. (Unless I write it out here, which is still a convoluted issue because, really, I connect this blog to my coaching site and do I REALLY want to put all of my crazy out there? Yup. I'm still working through that.)

Yesterday, I was sitting in a waiting room for my real job and I saw a random invitation for an open facebook chat with one of my newest internet coaching and business inspiration gurus, Mara Glatzel. It started when Jaemie sent me a link to the podcast she does with Christie Inge. Ever since I listened to the first podcast, I have fallen in teeny-bopper love. Like bordering Danielle Laporte love. I'm reading her blog and am eating the Hello, Wonderful emails with a mother-loving spoon.

So, as I was saying, I saw on twitter that she was opening herself up for a facebook chat for the next hour. So I followed the link, and there I was.

I wish I could say that I presented some complex situation to Mara. I wish I could say that I didn't sound like a silly fan girl. But neither of those are true. We talked a little about my coaching. She had some very sane and grounded suggestions, things that I had thought about and dismissed because they weren't "big" enough. But she reminded me that there are times to build up and there are times to build horizontally so that my next leap can be HUGE.. And I feel like I have my feet back underneath me again. I have some very concrete tasks to accomplish.

On the way home from work, I stopped at Staples. I bought some binder dividers and a ream of paper. I came home and I started printing. All of those things I have in my dropbox that I've downloaded from here or there about marketing. About boiling down my passion. About building my freebie. About language in offerings and websites. About finding clarity in building my business. All of it.

I'm wearing out my printer cartridge and I'm ready to be a sponge. I've got my highlighters and my blank Martha Stewart Moleskine-knockoff notebook. (On sale for one dollar! HOLLA!) I've got a list of things I came up with myself to get the Krissie-Specific side of things rolling.

For the first time in a few months, I feel refreshed. I feel energized to do something toward building my business besides only working with clients. I absolutely adore my clients (and some of you I miss terribly!), but if I want to do this as a career, I need more of you.

I feel like I have a map again. A map that is curious and colorful and not set in stone. A map that I can decide what I take, what I amend, and what I leave behind.

And it feels amazing.