What you see is what you get.

We see this most as a claim of authenticity.

This product? It is exactly what you see. You know what you're getting.

Me? I'm an open book. No secrets. No surprises.

I've been thinking the last few days about expectations and perception and self-fulfilling prophecies.

I think that - a lot of times - we see and receive what we are looking for.

Let's say I don't want to run. Like really don't want to run. It is hot and humid. My legs are tired. I expect to be miserable. So when I get out there, I notice the heat and the humidity. I notice how heavy my legs are. But what would I see if I was more objective and less guided by my expectations? What is out there that is positive if I just open my eyes up to it?

I look at my struggles and can't help but wonder how much of it is perception and being selective of what I notice. What I expect to see - what I'm looking for - is what I get.

If I'm looking for reasons to get annoyed, I'm going to find them.

If I'm looking for ways that people are letting me down, I'm going to find them.


If I'm looking for reasons to be thankful, I'm going to find them.

If I'm looking for ways others are supporting me, I'm going to find them.

I also think that we can sometimes set ourselves up to see things a certain way. The situations we find ourselves in are sometimes just a result of expecting an outcome and making it reality

If I'm afraid of my finances, my lack of knowledge will prevent me from being comfortable within my financial boundaries. I'll continue to give myself reasons to fear.

If I go into a retail situation expecting bad service, what kind of vibe am I giving off? I won't be friendly and approachable to those who would like to help me, so I'm probably going to get bad service. (Remember this?)

If I believe I don't have time to read for enjoyment, I won't find the time to do so. I'll prove myself right.

I believe that we can set ourselves up to see things a certain way. And that is often what we end up getting. Even if a big piece of that experience is a faulty or skewed perception.

My charge for myself - and for you - today is to look for what you want, not what you dread.

Do you want more peace at work? Pay attention to that and let the conflict go.

Do you want to make healthier choices? Broaden your horizons and look for opportunities to do so. Try a new place for lunch. Bring shoes to take a walk at break. Finally sign up for that Zumba class. Let go of the expectation that you won't be perfect today.

Do you want more fun in your relationships? Look for opportunities to do something small for someone you love. Schedule a date to bowl or walk or go to a community concert with a friend. Let go of the fear of disappointment.

Let go of negative expectations. Let go of fear. Broaden your scope of vision. Look for what you want, not what you fear or dread. See more. Get more.

What you see is what you get, so what are you looking for today?

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