taking the time

One of the things I struggle most with is a GO-GO-GO attitude!

Come on, Krissie. Just buckle down and check one more thing off today's list.

Let's go, Krissie! Get those shoes on and get out the door!

It is time to get the shower and get those legs shaved!

You're not tired! Push through!

Dinner! Cook! Now! Choppy choppy!

In all the lists and the cleaning and the straightening of the hair, sometimes I wonder where I really am.

I am making an effort to be present in my moments. The working moments, the self-care moments, the cleaning-the-bathroom-sink moments. I'm looking for subtle shifts to really notice where I am. I'm making a conscious effort to enjoy the ordinary and to acknowledge how this series of intentional steps are truly moving me to who I want to be.

When I'm chopping the green onion for (our newest favorite) egg stir-fried quinoa, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "I am respecting my body's need for healthy food. I am preparing for the marathon."

I'm cleaning the bathroom mirror.  "I am creating a clean space that feels comfortable and promotes peace in my soul."

I'm spending hours and hours in my living room catching up with a neglected friend. "I am feeding my heart."

I'm heading out for a run. "I am challenging my body and challenging my soul. I am determination."

I see my schedule full of evening sessions. "I am working hard during the week so I can be fully present in the time I am taking with my family this weekend."

I grab my lunch out of the fridge. "I am being intentional with where I spend my money. I have numbers to meet before I am comfortable with self-employment. Every little bit counts."

I get up early in the morning so I can roll my hair. "I feel better when my hair is straight and fun. I feel more like myself."

When I get my final task checked off for the day (or I have them redistributed), I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "I am living my intention to become a coach full-time."

These subtle shifts in thinking keep me present in my goals. By really noticing how activities feel, I experience a presence and an excitement at the things I have to do, instead of the resentment that comes with overwhelm. By recognizing the purpose, I can see the momentum I'm gaining from completing a series of little expectations throughout my day. By actually closing my eyes and taking a breath, I am experiencing my day and not just letting it go by.

Creating awareness through my day is making a positive impact on how I view my responsibilities. 


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