i meant what I said.

So the last time you saw me, I drew a line in the sand. I made a statement that I was releasing what didn't create feelings of light and excitement. I am embracing and following up with what feels good. I am listening to the way of my heart.

I said no.

I got an email earlier this week. An email that included an awesome opportunity. A chance to get my name out like whoa. A chance to speak and run a big group and just get a lot of exposure around something that has a lot of buzz. But my reaction when I opened the email? No freakin' way. No hesitation. The thought felt like a wet blanket being thrown over me. I responded with gratitude and grace and a big "no thanks." And I haven't wavered on the decision at all.

But I think it would have been different if I would have received the invitation a week ago. Actually, I know I would have said "yes" with glee. Before I made this "me" declaration, I would have thought about only the business side of things. I would have viewed only opportunity. I would have ignored the things I would have to give up to make it work. I would have felt like I needed to do it in the name of progress and momentum, and I would have accepted. And I would have busted arse and I would be an extreme grouch. And I would have been miserably overwhelmed for the next several months.

No one wants that. And I don't bring the best Krissie to the table to those I love - both personally and professionally - when I am overwhelmed and grouchy.

I love that I was able to appreciate the honor of being approached without feeling obligation to say yes. I could not have given the project what it deserves. And I have also given them the opportunity to find someone who can be more present and focused with them.

I said yes.

I wasn't sure I was going to do this.

If there is one thing I know about me, I know that I get energy from working. When I take everything off my plate, I feel lonely and unfulfilled. So I need to find the right balance. I've worked really hard (emotionally, logistically it was pretty easy) to back out of some of my self-imposed responsibilities to make room for what I want to do. And part of what I want to do is see others succeed and fulfill their potential. And, to be absolutely honest, I also love the accountability it brings for me.

The last two months, I have led beFULL from my coaching practice. It is pretty intense. Daily emails to tear down fear and create intention. I think participants finish up feeling changed. I love the process.

But I also miss the push of a good challenge. So I'm bringing it back. Meet Goals at Choice.

Picture 21

Old-fashioned accountability challenge, in the spirit of happyHEALTHYholidays. A session with me do solidify four goals. And then harassment/support from me for accountability. I'm super excited.

I really hesitated to do this. I didn't want to do something that I couldn't offer my full attention to. But when I looked at what I love most about my day, my daily interaction with my clients is probably at the top of my list. This is good. This makes me happy. I love being able to serve and problem solve and give a gentle kick when necessary.

Again, I think even a week ago, I would have done the total opposite. I would have taken the opportunity that was more stressful but had more potential for growth instead of the opportunity that felt good and was comfortable and fulfilling.

I'm so glad I'm in a spot where I am making decisions like this again.

What about you? What warm and fuzzies are you potentially turning down in order to do what looks like the smartest move?

And, if you are looking at making some changes in September, check out #goalsatchoice!