I am a frequent visitor to the home of the little green mermaid.

There are probably half a dozen in my town, three within a mile of my house. Oh wait, 4 now that the one opened in Target.

My favorite, though, is one way across town over by work. Mostly because of the barista.

ImageAs he hands me my drink, he'll say, "Have a good day, okay?"

And I just love it. It warms my heart. It gives me power. It reminds me that I make the choices. That I can decide to have a good day no matter what ends up on my plate. 

Just that little "okay" makes my day.

Be kind to yourself today, okay?

Allow yourself to release guilt about the things you didn't get done, okay?

Get out there and work up a sweat at some point today, okay?

Have a good day, okay?


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