my love, my obsession, my Planner

I have an obsession. Well, several actually. But today, we'll talk about this one. 20130725-120648.jpg

Yes, friends. That is an Erin Condren box.

I know, I know. Her stuff isn't cheap. But I'll tell you what it is: quality. I love my 2012-13 planner dearly. So much of what is now my daily reality was only a dream under that grey maze cover. I carry my planner everywhere I go. It has to stand up to various bags, purses, getting thrown in my backseat, all of the general abuse. And after a year, Ol' Grey looks as good as new.


My love for planners and markers is not a new phenomenon. When I was in grad school, I called my planner The Great Exploding Circus. Each class had a different color pen. I'd sit down with each syllabus and break down all of the assignments so I knew exactly what I needed to do each day in order to beat the end-of-semester crunch. It was an incredibly efficient, effective, and cozy piece of beauty. I still get a little nostalgic when I walk by the display at Joseph Beth. (And my old planner just wouldn't work with my after-hours working lifestyle. I looked.)

Now that my life is again a big hot mess that needs big hot organization (and has been for a little over a year), I have no issue making the investment in a system that makes me happy. And that is what I get from my EC planner: happiness.

(Would it be gratuitous to put a selfie I me hugging my planner here? Yes? Okay then. Moving on.)

I was super duper excited to open my package of Erin Condren goodness.


Even though I didn't especially like last year's pens, I ordered this year's. I do really really like them for general use (nice and thin tips), but I don't think they are bright enough for the planner itself.


I ordered the notepads to go in the back. This may have been the smartest planner move I've made. I love having a home for temporary information.


I also had some stickers made especially for me! In addition to my race stickers, I wanted to out some self-fulfilling stickers in there. Speaking engagements. Retreats. If there are stickers, I have to make it happen, right? (Don't worry - the stickers you can't see on the right aren't interesting - just "budget" and "taxes.")


I did not buy the bands to keep the planner closed. I didn't want to get bands that didn't coordinate, and I also didn't know if I would really use them. I didn't get the pen holder either because, seriously, the thought that I could function with only one pen at a time is just ludicrous.

I cannot tell you how happy this cover is. I debated on which cover to get, but this one just seemed to have so many colors in common with my business cards. And I am in love.


Tomorrow, I'll take you on a tour of what is going on inside this lovely cover!