As part of my beFULL coaching offering, we are choosing one feeling to focus on cultivating in our day-to-day. For me, that feeling is freedom. photo-41

I realized sitting in church last weekend that the sermon about our two different types of freedom really applies to my healthiness journey. (Please don't zone out here, friends. I'm not going to get all Jesus-y. I love Him, but I'm not going there today.)

Basically, I can look at freedom two different ways.

I can be free in the moment.

I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I can eat what I want to eat. I can sit on the couch with Say Yes to the Dress instead of going for a run. I can eat pizza and beer cheese and drink bourbon. I can buy whatever I want. No one can tell me what to do with my money or my time or energy or what I put in my mouth! I'll do what I want! Consequences be damned!


I can be free from what keeps me from living my authentic life.

I can make a series of choices to gain freedom from this weight that keeps me angry and disappointed and limited and, honestly, sad. I can be free of the worry of developing a preventable chronic health disease. I can be free of the worry that my favorite dress won't fit. I can be free of the fear that my body won't perform in the way I want it to. I can be free of the fear that I will always be different than the picture of myself I have in my head.

I can make a series of choices to (literally) buy back my freedom from debt. I can be free to pursue non-traditional employment. I can have the freedom to take time off without worrying about the consequences of not being paid. I can live in the knowledge that I can pay for car repairs with cash. I can only imagine the feeling of being debt-free.

Freedom from my weight and debt will give me the satisfaction that comes with taking charge of my life.

That was a pretty huge epiphany for me. By pursuing the in-the-moment freedom, I wrecked a lot of things.

Freedom is found by obedience and discipline. By pursuing freedom from what is holding me down, I have power to create a much higher freedom than deciding to drive through for a frappuccino.

Having this new view of freedom kinda quieted the brat in me a little.

How are you harnessing your freedom today, friends?