super summer - July Amendments

Alright. Here we are. A little over a month into our Super Summer Challenge. photo-36

How is it going? Is it still going? You haven't given up, have you?

Here's the thing - this is a summer-long challenge. So even if you miss tracking for a few days, you can always just catch back up! (I know I am...)

So I've decided - again - to re-evaluate my goals. Although they worked for me pretty well the first few weeks, I've realized that I'm using them as a crutch.

Don't feel like logging my calories today? No big deal! I'll wash my face, hold a 1 minute plank, and eat a meatless lunch. Same amount of points!

I'm being a manipulative little brat. And I'm only manipulating myself.

So for July, my goals got a total overhaul.


I have fewer things to focus on. I have fewer distractions. I am able to focus on what I have been avoiding, and those are the things that I really need to do the most.


Daily goals are just that: things I want to accomplish every day. Looking back on my goals for the year, the main things I wanted were to get serious about weight, get serious about money, and get serious about career. Career has plenty of momentum behind it right now. So my daily goals are focusing on health and money.

The weekly goals are things I want to do weekly. Just once a week. This will give me some room to make up for daily goals that I might miss. But they aren't huge. They won't make up for a lot, just one each day. And I can only count these once a week. For example, if I go out for Thai food and blow my calorie budget, I can still have a meatless day and have it balance out. I intend to use this more as a checks-and-balances instead of a crutch.


And then we have my wild-card goals. These are all things that were previously on my 500-point section. But I didn't like the thought that I could do one of these things (even though they are hard) and make up for 5 days of doing nothing. So I changed them to 100 points. So each could make up for 1 day. That's all. That's not a lot.

So with these amendments, I should still be able to meet the goal by the end of the summer. I think these changes reflect my big goals. I'm digging how challenging this is going to be for me. How balls-to-the-wall this feels. This has me lit up today in the same way the huge list of goals did when the challenge started.

I am loving this challenge. I love how I had a huge pool to start from. I think the huge list was a great jumping-off point for me. I have habits now that I didn't when June started. I am spending a few moments each morning in quiet prayer. I am putting on lotion and makeup. I got a sexy new haircut. I rarely eat breakfast out on weekdays anymore. I am creating more realistic to-do lists because I want to finish each day with nothing left undone.

I am also loving that so many of us are taking the challenge and crafting something that really works for us. But I also wonder how many have given up because it wasn't working?

Since I know my way isn't the only way, I want to hear from you. How have you adjusted Super Summer to meet your needs? What have you tried and what are you thinking about trying? Is it working exactly as designed?

If you've written an update, leave a link here. And if you'd like to guest post here with your adjustments, shoot me an email at . I'd love to have some guest posts about Super Summer! I'd love for those that are struggling to have some fresh ideas to implement!

Stay Super out there, friends!