Super Summer - my reward

So I have a confession. I totally bought my reward before I earned it. I was in Lululemon last week making a return. I do some same-day travel for work and was excited to go to a different Lulu store. I made my return easy peasy  and I ended up looking at gym bags since a bag and yoga mat is my half-way goal for Super Summer. I didn't have any plans on buying, but I was really drawn to one particular bag. I didn't see it on-line and the black counterpart was very...masculine. Actually, all of the bags I've looked at on-line either weren't for me or were sorta manly. And that sorta bummed me out.

Anyway, so I found myself in Lulu and I found this bag, but in not-black. So I had to have it. I bought it without thinking, shoved it in the back of my car, and then vowed not to use it until I earned it.

This week was a challenge. I had a migraine. I haven't been motivated to exercise. It has been either really hot or really stormy all week. I have wanted all of the chocolate. But, despite that, I made some big strides this week. When I tallied up my Super Summer goals last night, I realized how ridiculously close to half-way I was.


I was a measly 15 points from a 5000 point total. 15! I wanted to knock it out last night, but I decided that I wasn't going to do something just for the sake of points.

So this morning, I did my usual routine. I got up early to work and write (ahem, you're reading the result), and now I have hit the 5,000 total!


(Yes, I am tallying the two together. Yes, I may be a little weaker in the body category, but when mind is full, I will stop counting points there.)

And now, I am the proud - and legitimate - owner of this little beauty.


With orange accents, no less. Orange is my 2013 power color.

I worked hard for this bag. I've done some things outside of my comfort zone. Bangs. Ballet workout video. Registered for a woo-woo internet course. I haven't done everything I set out to do, but that in no way negates the awesome things that I have done.

Now I just need to get myself in gear so I'll have somewhere to carry this bag!

How is your Super Summer challenge going? Struggling? What can you do to get your motivation back in gear? Buy, but not use, your reward? Book the massage? 


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