all or nothing

I've seen the clammer. So many of us have the tendency to start out quick and then burn out, don’t we? Yup. I’m one of those too. I was really gung-ho the first few days of Super Summer. The first two weeks actually. Really gung-ho. But then? I got into a rut. Yes, I’m 19 days in and I’d call this a rut.

Put on makeup – 10 points.

Car interior completely clear – 10 points.

Pack breakfast – 10 points.

In bed by 10pm – 25 points.

Tune ukulele – 10 points.

Day after day after day. A lot of my goals are happening like clockwork. And, even though I’m totally excited that a lot of things are becoming habit, I’m really not taking any chances.

And that’s not why I did this. I did this to make a difference. Not just a “drop a pebble in a lake” difference, but to do a freaking cannonball into the lake.

I need to shake things up.

Last week, I wrote about making adjustments to our goals at Cassie’s blog. I talked about grouping goals together into a routine and a few “challenges” within the challenge.

Today I tried something different: All or Nothing.

See, I’m not really working out. Like, really. I’m just barely doing anything. So I decided to make my yoga practice today non-negotiable.

If I didn’t do yoga, then NONE of my points counted. Not my breakfast at home or my cleared to-do list or my working from a coffee shop. If I didn’t do my yoga, I got nothing. Zero. A big fat empty.

And you know what? I did yoga. I didn’t go to the class I had intended, but I spent 20 minutes on my back deck, in the sunshine, spending some serious time in triangle and pigeon.

It was pretty stinking awesome. I felt recharged and refocused. And I wouldn’t have done it for the 25 points it earned. But in exchange for the other 140 body points and 185 mind points? You better believe I was going to do it!

So here is my non-negotiable plan for the next few days:

Thursday – 3 mile run

Friday – Kettlebell workout

Saturday – 5 mile run

Sunday – food journal complete AND yoga (ooh! double non-negotiable!)

(Yup. I’m really struggling in the body category.)

Do you have a non-negotiable for today? What is the one thing that is most important to you? What is the one thing that you really don’t want to do? Can you make it a non-negotiable in your day?



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