enjoy Nebraska

I love when my clients teach me things. Love. We were chatting a few nights ago and started talking about how easy it is to get so excited about where we are going that we don't take the time to stop and enjoy the moment. It is so easy to not notice the amazing things that are currently happening because we are so excited about the amazing things that will happen next.

I see that a lot in where I am professionally right now. I want to be a coach as a career, not just a side business. I want to take my message to the masses, not just because I want the money but because I think people can actually benefit from my attention. I want to make a zillion phone calls a day and write for a million different blogs and get my message out of my head and into your hands.

But I'm not there yet. I'm no where close. Although I think I have my message figured out, I am still struggling on how to package it, how to make it more palatable, how to make people want to invest in it.

It reminded me of something that Jon Acuff wrote about in Quitter. He talked about how frustrating it was to travel to Nebraska to do speaking engagements. He'd have small crowds. No one would know him. It wouldn't be a productive trip. But what he gathered from the experience was to enjoy Nebraska. To thrive in the moment that you were able to take to figure it out and to play. To enjoy the time before things get too serious. To look around and pay attention and to enjoy the moment where my audience is small enough that I can screw up without ruining my business.

And I'm trying. I really am. I am loving every stinking minute of what I do, but I'm finding myself frustrated in the lack of time I have to do it all. I'm struggling to find the mix between what I need  to do and what I want to do with my time. I am trying to slow down and enjoy it. To see today for what it is worth. And to also believe that there will be a time when what feels so small now will truly lead to something big.

So I'm taking the time to make sure that my heart is plugged in to each of my client calls. I'm plugging my heart into my own training schedule. I'm making sure that I am building my offerings in a way that is most beneficial to my clients and not what is convenient for me. I am washing my car and painting my fingernails and checking lots of things off of my super summer goals list.

I'm trying to pay attention and enjoy today. And still be a smidge dissatisfied with it so that I continue to push and grow. But just a smidge.

Today, my little-Nebraska-sized corner of the internet. Tomorrow the world, right?

What do you need to slow down and enjoy?