my #supersummer goals

You know I love a good challenge. And I am especially excited to be a part of this one.

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Cassie (at Back to Her Roots) and I (at Committed Coaching) are joining forces for the Super Summer Challenge. She has made incredible printables. I am providing (free and paid) coaching services along the way. Life is good. (Have you read my goal-setting post over at her blog today?)

As much as I love developing challenges, I can't ever seem to step away and not participate. So I thought I'd share my goal worksheets with you. I've left spots blank because I hope that I'll get inspired by what I see other people post.

First: Mind Points.


There are a lot of things in the 10- and 25-point columns that I just want to make habit: making my bed, calling my mom, keeping my area neat. But the more points the task is worth, the more motivation I need to actually do it. The 50- and 75-point tasks are all about self-care. Budgeting, podcasts for fun, taking risks, taking a nap. The 100- and 500-point tasks are things that really take commitment. Online classes, finishing books, taking a road trip, making an extra credit card payment. The higher the reward, the more work or the farther outside of my comfort zone.

Next: Body Points.


These follow a similar structure. 10- and 25-point tasks are habits that I want to truly cultivate as daily habits. And then they get progressively riskier and challenging as they go along.

And I really like the tasks on the side that count for both categories. Packing meals are better for my body and my budget. Taking a walk or a hike with Nathan is good for my fitness and my spirit.

Are you joining the Super Summer Challenge? Are you working on your goals? Post to Twitter or Instagram with the #supersummer hashtag so we can challenge each other!

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