I am at a point in my life where I feel constantly on the verge of overwhelm. I have been very sad for personal and community reasons. I have been very busy with the final weeks of runner training leading up to goal races. I am wrapping up my first big life coaching course. And that is just really generalizing everything. My life is full. Mostly full of great, exciting, exhilarating things, but full just the same. As I’ve worked through these stressors and built my business, I’ve noticed something glaring. I have been neglecting myself. I haven’t been getting enough sleep. I’m not eating the way my body prefers (you should see how I retain water after the Greek truck - yikes). I’m putting miles on the road and the poses on the mat, but I’m not “training.” My house isn’t as tidy as I would like. You know the drill.

That’s exactly why I’m writing this. You know the drill. You do it too. You are there.

I know how hard it is to try to stay focused on my goals. I struggle sometimes to even keep them in the front of my mind. I spent the month of April taking some time to reflect on myself. To try to find a system of accountability that was focused but still fluid.

And I think I’ve done it.

I’ve been working my newest offering for three weeks and I have a client working it as well. It is specific but flexible, motivating but not discouraging.

And I think I love it.


So, yes, this is a plug. A shameless plug to invite you to become a part of my latest accountability offering. To allow me to share an accountability system and a series of beautiful printables from the lovely Cassie. This, my friends, is My May.


There are two different tiers. With registration, you will receive daily emails the first four days of May to set up realistic and meaningful daily goals for the month. I will send a weekly informational email and a new printable for each week. You will have access to a private facebook group to build community accountability. For an additional fee, you will receive accountability coaching from me 3-4 times a week via text message or email.

And a bonus? The first 5 registrants will receive a 30-minute coaching session from me. This is where I’ll really get to know you. This is my favorite part!

More information and registration details are here.

I truly hope you will join us! You can email me at Krissie@committedcoaching.com with any questions.