intentions: 7 days in

Alright. Almost a week into the New is everybody doing? I'm kinda approaching this a little differently this year, as "intentions" may have clued you in on. Let me tell you how things are going so far.

We took our first sabbath this weekend. 24 hours (3pm Saturday to 3pm Sunday) with no internet or cell phones. It was awesome, but really really weird. We went to the first service at a new campus of our church and I really would have loved to live tweet it. And then after church, we decided to go out to dinner and I wasn't able to ask anyone to join us. It was just...strange. I was chomping at the bit a little for 3pm on Sunday, but just because I had the first run of my newest C25K group at 4 and I wanted to put out any fires. There weren't any. And the run was amazing.

Budget? Eh. It is hard to be on a budget when there is additional income coming in. I'm working on it, though. I did really well until I decided I needed a new running wardrobe yesterday. But I'm going to stock our fridge and pantry today. We don't have anything coming up that should be an expense. I'm trying to focus there.

Weight loss? Nope. Not at all. I've been either busy or enjoying not being busy. But see above note about grocery overhaul today. And I am following my training schedule. I'm working on it.

Momentum with business. A+++++++. (Not that I'm keeping score or anything.) I'm having a blast right now. I had a totally tearful moment last night. This is going to work. I am going to be a coach. This will be my life. I feel so incredibly blessed. Incredibly. I know I am working hard, but there is also a lot of right-place-right-time stuff going on as well. I am just thrilled. I'm already planning the next coaching committed challenge (thinking Lent instead of a monthly challenge). I'm learning. Wheels are turning. It is a great time to be me.

I also set a few mini-intentions specific to the month of January (reporting through yesterday): Food journal/team Bob = 1/6. eh. Follow training plan - 6/6 Morning and evening devotional - 6/6 Making bed and 20 minutes with laundry - 6/6

So big picture? Very very nice. Just gotta get the food focused.

It'll happen, friends.

So, how is your new year?