2013 intentions

How is it the 3rd and I'm just now getting around to posting my intentions for the year? At the coaxing of Danielle Laporte (I'm LOVING the Desire Map), I am going with "intentions" instead of "resolutions." It just feels less...legalistic to me. Feels more fluid, more amendable. I'm loving it.

So here we go!

* We will observe the Sabbath. I've become terrible at resting. Partially because my coaching business doesn't feel like work and partially because I have so much I want to do. I realized the ridiculousness of what I do when we had friends over for dinner the other night and my phone was going bezerk. It was embarrassing. I need to step away sometimes. We had to do some shuffling because of my coaching responsibilities, but we are taking a 24-hour Sabbath each week. From 3pm Saturday to 3pm Sunday, we will be internet-free, cell-phone-free and work-free. So I'm seeing lots of reading, naps, and tv during that time. I'm very, very, very excited about this.

* We are on a serious budget. I don't have a firm timeframe, but I would really really like to be self-employed. And this will require (of my own decision) being debt-free (other than student loans and mortgage). So we are just being very intentional. We are going no-spend-ish for January. We will each have a "fun" allowance and we have one dinner out. Other than that? Bills, gas, and groceries only.

* I have a very scary, unspoken weight loss goal. Spread out over the year, it is incredibly manageable, but the number itself is craaaazy. There's been some trash-talking going on in the twitterverse, and I really hope it is what I need to finish what I started.

* I want to just keep the momentum of my coaching business. Things have settled into a very nice pace right now. I want to do what I need to do to keep it here. I want to continue with monthly challenges. I want to just keep it up.

I do have a few running-specific goals too!

* finish 2 spring marathons * finish a fall half under 2:15 (GULP!) * finish a 5K under :30 * total of 1250 miles * 50 hours of yoga

Alright, friends. Let's do this! 2013 or bust!