#growwings - space

Oh, friends. You should see my spare bedroom. No, I’m not going to photograph it because it is just ridiculous.

Clean Clothes Mountain is out of control. Laundry goes like this: pull out of dryer. Leave in laundry room floor. When laundry room door will no longer open, move pile of clothes to spare bedroom bed. Wash. Dry. Floor. Bed. Repeat.

There are running tanks on the bed, friends. TANKS. It has been that long since I have properly put away all of my clothes. I’m not sure where my beloved lululemon pants are. God forbid I need a pair of socks.

I hate clean clothes mountain. So that is where my space goal will focus: upstairs. (It was “kitchen” in my original picture, but I changed my mind.)

1. Laundry will be put away as it comes out of the dryer. One load at a time is totally manageable. Even if that means bringing it downstairs and folding it while we watch tv.

2. I will make the bed every day. It takes three minutes. And it makes getting in bed easier (because it has to be made before I get in it and it is ridiculous to make the bed right before I get in it). That’s it.

Natural consequences:

Having a neater space will make me more productive. I mean, how often do I do one small cleaning project and stop there? I’ll gather momentum from the laundry. Not dreading laundry will keep me from procrastinating other things as well. Order begats order. And I’m choosing to start with Clean Clothes Mountain.

Alright. There you go. Food. Fitness. Spirit. Space.

Next: soft-opening. Trial run until the challenge starts. Let’s do this!


Shameless plug, and more info about the grow wings challenge:

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Click on over to read what participants had to say about the December #happyHEALTHYholidays challenge.

You can sign up for GrowWings here. Feel free to email me at Krissie@committedcoaching.com with any questions!