#growwings - fitness

I’m running a marathon, friends. In just a smidge more than 2 months. I look at my training plan and get really really nervous. I just can’t believe that I have a 20-miler in a month. Between recovering from my injury and a few cranky stomach days and the holidays, I’ve been slacking. And this isn’t good. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten my long runs in. I’m still running at least 80% of my suggested mileage. I just need to get back to the days where I didn’t even entertain the idea of not following my training plan. My plan for fitness is simple: follow my training plan.


Not cutting any runs short. Not skipping runs. Not skipping cross-training. Just doing it.

My supportive cast:

1. My Paper Source calendar. This thing taunts me at my desk every day. I love using my little stamp to confirm that my workout was completed.

2. My buddies. I need to make sure that every run is planned with someone, and that I don’t let us talk ourselves out of a run. (Unless the winds are blowing my grill around like they were last night. That was excusable.)

3. My Skoras. I just love these shoes. They brought me out of injury. They are just my friends. That’s all I have to say about that.

The natural consequence:

I will become a more efficient runner if I run more. I will have a more pleasing experience at the marathon if I am better trained. The closer I follow my training plan, the better runner I will be. Plain and simple.

Food? Check. Fitness? Check. Next up: spirit.

(You can find more info about the grow wings challenge here.)