#growwings - food

Let’s talk about food So I know what works for me.

He has a fantastic southern accent. Tattoos. And I hear his voice in my head when I do yoga.

He also wants me to have no carbs after lunch, restrict my calories, eat a significant amount of dairy and drink a ton of water.

Hello, Bob Harper.

I remember when his book first came out and the internets were all a flutter, myself included. I lived and breathed this book for a few months and I lost a significant amount of weight. The first few days were torture (goodbye, sugar! So long, post-dinner snacks!), but then I evened out and felt great.

That’s right. Not only did I lose weight, but I felt great.

And, right now? I’m not doing either. Quite the opposite actually. I know I’ve put weight on (I don’t want to know how much – I’m guessing 10-12 pounds). And I definitely don’t feel great. My (ahem) digestion is cranky. I can tell a difference in my complexion. My body is just physically not happy. Sugary treats. Eating too much. Cereal before bed. This has to stop, friends. It just has to stop.

I’m working on Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map and one of her main points is to focus on how you want to feel. I’ve been working to hone down my list of desired feelings, and there are a few that just keep coming up over and over and over. I want to feel powerful. Part of that is physical strength. I feel powerful when I am running. But it doesn’t end there. As much as I don’t want to admit it (because it somehow feels shallow), part of feeling powerful for me is feeling sexy. I want to not only be strong in ability but also strong and toned in appearance. Shallow, maybe. But I’m done trying to deny how I want to feel. I’m hoping that by being truthful and transparent in my desired feelings, I’ll be more focused to get there.

So now let’s talk about my supporting cast for this goal:

1. The book. I am going to skim through it again this weekend. I am going to follow the eating plans week-by-week, just like I did the first time. I’m going to eat and drink Bob Harper.

2. Menu and grocery list. When I bought this cute little planner, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. But now I know. I tend to have menus all over the house, but I will keep them here. I’m excited to have one place to keep menus to look back on during those weeks where nothing sounds good.

3. Trader Joes. I just love Trader Joes. The fish. The single-serving bags of nuts. The square string cheese. Never knowing exactly what produce I’ll come home with. Trader Joes is just my buddy. I love it there. I’ll shop there exclusively because it makes me happy.

The natural consequence of following this plan:

I will be thinner. I will be easier to propel in space as I run. I will feel more good will toward myself in the mirror.

So there’s food. Up next: fitness.

(You can find more info about the grow wings challenge here.)