#allaboutthenumberschallenge results

Today I finished something that I didn’t realistically think I could do.


When I signed up for Cassie’s All About the Numbers challenge, I honestly expected it to be like all the other challenges I start. I expected to be all gung-ho in the beginning and then to just fizzle out. I knew I would have some obstacles. I had so little faith in my ability to complete the pretty printable that I didn’t even pick a reward right away. I didn’t want to be disappointed.


As the challenge went on, I had every excuse not to get this done. Tendonitis seriously derailed me for 2 weeks. I turned 35. I dealt with not being able to run a marathon. I was on vacation for 10 days. I started a business. I was super incredibly busy. Throughout this 50 days, I was all over the map. Physically. Emotionally. Stress levels. All over the map.

And, somehow, I stayed focused on this pretty little sheet and the markers.


I didn’t get on the scale this morning. I got out of bed half an hour early and did yoga. And at my morning break, I did 12 minutes of stairs. I came back to my desk and filled up the first column on the left. And it was finished.


There are a lot of things in my life that I am proud of at this moment. But, for some strange reason, I’m getting a lot of warm and fuzzies from this little chart. It inspired me. I left it out on my desk throughout the day to keep me focused. I filled it out in the evenings, last thing before bed. Focusing on this chart helped me build habits that I need. This challenge made me pay attention to meatless meals and veggie servings and drinking water. And I’m proud to say that I checked all of those columns off over a week ago and am still continuing to make those behaviors a priority.

I’m also super duper excited about my new desk and chair (from IKEA!) that I will be getting as a reward. I look forward to painting my home office and hanging this chart in a place of importance, right beside my diplomas, licenses, coaching certificate, and first business card. This chart will have a place of honor - water spots and all.

I am that stinking proud.

(And I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get this done before my happyHEALTHYholidays challenge closed! But if you really want in and can discuss specifics with me TONIGHT, we can make arrangements. But I will not be working at all tomorrow. Email me at Krissie@committedcoaching.com if you are interested!)