#allaboutthenumberschallenge update!

So the All About the Numbers Challenge. I’m mostly happy. Here’s where I am:


Fitness minutes: 1000/2000 – BEHIND! I should be at 1440

Miles: 73/100 – on target

Plank: 36/50 – on target

Fruits and Veggies: 194/200 - ahead

Meatless Meals: 67/75 – way ahead

Water: 457/500 – way way ahead

Food Journal: 16/25 – just barely behind (2 days)

RAOK: 16/25 – on target

Scale free: 36/50 – on target

So here’s my plan (in an outline style that makes me miss writing college papers):

1) Keep on keeping on. I’m on target almost everywhere. I’m gonna finish strong. 2) I will continue to rock the veggies, water, and meatless meals after I’ve completed the column. I’ll keep track on the back. 3) I’ve got to get my fitness minutes back on target. The funny thing is this is the goal I thought I’d have no problem with, but my tendonitis really put a kink in things. AND I’m going to be in the car for 8 hours tomorrow. But I have a plan to catch up while I’m on vacation: a. 2-3 mile run in the mornings (longer on Sunday). b. 20 minute yogadownload every morning. c. 2-3 mile walk with my mom every evening. I should be able to build a cushion for Thanksgiving week if I keep that up!

I’m also very focused because I’ve picked a reward.

Now that my business is starting to go places, I need a real office. We never use our den downstairs, so this is a great time to make it happen. We’ll paint first thing (not part of the reward – it is just necessary), but then I will get this.


Sigh. I will also get a chair, but it is hard to pick out a chair. I’d need to sit in them first.

So I’m super motivated. I’m gonna knock this out. I’m so excited that I stuck with this!

Are you still following the challenge? How is it going?

(And, remember, I’m leading a happyHEALTHYholidays challenge over on my coaching website. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!)