35 so far

Friends. 35 has been awesome so far. I started my birthday with a run and donuts.


Then we partied like unicorns at West Sixth. Such a great time.


And the rest of this week has just flown by. We had major vacation drama that has miraculously come out in our favor. I've been preparing to leave for vacation, getting both my work-work and my business stuff ahead of schedule. I've had bonus lunch dates - one with Nathan and another with Kelly. I've had two runs that we're 100% pain-free (!!!). Things are good.

The interest in my ccoaching business is coming in. It is super exciting. I'm also very excited about the happyHEALTHYholidays challenge. (You know you want to play!)

I've also been nominated for the Most Encouraging Kentuckian award. I am blown away by the nomination and support.

Life is good, my friends. I'm loving 35.