feet to take me where I want to stand

I've been swimming in wants. Things I think I need. I need to contact a graphic designer friend to see if she'll design a logo for my coaching business. I need to design and order business cards. I need to pay my liability insurance. I need to finish and launch my website. I need to see if there is any way we can (financially and time-wise) swing the first semester of Life Coaching classes starting next month. I need to plan the LexRunLadies birthday party (and draw up the waiver and order membership cards of some sort). Oh, and then there's my own 35th birthday party to plan. I need to buckle down the budget so we can actually move to Asheville one day. I need. I need. I need.

But Friday night, we went to a party/fundraiser for our friends at Rideout Photography. And sitting there on the patio of our hangout with our friends (and a basket of food from the Taco Truck), I realized something.

Everything will happen at its own pace. I have no deadlines that aren't self-imposed. I have no reason to rush anything. I have everything that I need. Nathan. Family. Friends. Running shoes. Food on my plate.

(I lifted your pic of us, AshleyGee.)

I enjoy where my life is and where it is going. And I'm going to slow down and take the time to enjoy it.