I'm not making excuses.

Friends. Friends. I have so much to catch you up on. I’m not going to apologize for being absent. There’s nothing that I could do about it. I have been swamped. In an absolutely amazing wouldn’t-change-a-thing sort of way. I’m going to update you over the course of the next few days, but first, I need to put some accountability into play.

I let life get the best of me. I went three weeks (THREE WEEKS!) without stepping on the scale. And the result? I was up 6 pounds. Not only did I not make my weight goal for the half, I was so far off I knew not to even step on the scale.

It seems like I can only focus on so much at once. That once I get to a certain level of busy, priorities change. And food can fall to the backburner. I didn’t eat things that were bad for me, I just ate things that weren’t great for me. And also amounts that were bad for me.

The good news? I can fix it. And I am. I’m back on Team Bob. Today is day 2. And I am cranky about it. I miss the cheese crackers that were in my drawer last week. I miss the Starbucks trip I made about this time several days last week.

Day 1 wasn’t the easiest day. I was hungry. HUNGRY. I mindlessly ate some of Jaime and Ashley’s soft pretzels after run group last night. And then I really REALLY didn’t want to cook when I got home, but I did. And I feel surprisingly accomplished about it.

I don’t know that I’m able to say that things are settling down, because they most definitely aren’t. But I feel like I am beginning to learn how to manage things. I am beginning to figure out how l to manage the new normal. And I’m ready to reintroduce a meal plan back into my schedule.

So, accountability time. • I will make my grocery list at lunch. • I will go to Trader Joe’s after work. • I will follow my meal plan. • I will be at 153 by the marathon. 13 pounds in 8 weeks. Totally doable.

I know following a meal plan will also help with the budget, so two birds with one stone, right?

Anyone else climbing back on the wagon?