I have been feeling overwhelmed. Stomach virus.

Scary coaching exam.

Work drama.

Fear about not moving fast enough.

Fear about moving too fast.


Almost to the point of being immobile. I was over analyzing everything - exam questions, twitter exchanges, emails. I was letting things slide - emails I needed to return, calls I needed to make, confrontations I needed to have.

I was scared. So I hid. I did nothing. I kept moving things from one day to the next in my calendar. I did nothing.

This weekend wasn't a lot better. My stomach issues prevented me from running long. I just kept pushing things. I watched a lot of tv. I slept a lot.

But things got better. I had coffee with my girls yesterday and then trained a group of first time 5K-ers-to-be. I worked on my exam a little. I started checking things off.

And then things really picked up today. Nathan told me that I was overthinking things. I finally just started checking things off.

Nathan and I sat at a coffee shop and I finished my coaching exam, and I passed. I sent emails, and I got emails back with what I needed. I did a few things that are way outside of my current comfort zone. Once I marked a few things off, it just started to snowball. And in a few minutes? I have my first phone coaching appointment.

I don't know what I was so afraid of.

But it is important to me to admit to you that I was afraid.

But everything is mostly okay now.

And I'll probably be afraid again.

And I'll come out just fine then too.