trust the pigeon

Sometimes we have to toss a dream up in the air, like releasing a homing pigeon, and trust that it is going to come back to us with some mission-critical information." ~danielle laporte

I have tossed my dream up in the air. I did that several months ago when I started this blog.

I set it free into the world, and a variety of things have fallen into place since then. I have thrown myself into my running group. I have worked very hard to maintain a training and a social schedule that builds relationships and community.

I threw my dream out. I acted in a way that was congruent with my dream. And the pigeon came back.

Today, I send the pigeon back out. Today I get on a plane. And in three days, I will be one huge step closer to becoming a Certified Running Coach through the RRCA. (I'll just need to schedule a CPR training.)

I have no idea what "mission-critical information" will come back to me next. I'm a weird combination of incredibly excited and completely terrified. I feel like there is no turning back. Like I am taking a huge step toward a dream that has no specific details. All I know? It will be awesome.

See you soon, Pigeon.