chasing 153

A little bit before I started this blog, I announced my desire to weigh 153 by the Asheville Half Marathon. It was a crazy lofty goal. I knew this. I weighed 178.4 when I weighed in on June 4th. Losing 25 pounds in 14 weeks seemed impossible, I’m not going to lie. It has taken me 3 years to lose the 59 pounds so far. So why should I think that I could lose 25 pounds in 14 weeks?

It was crazy.

So crazy that I even gave myself a graduated goal system.

Satisfied goal – 163.

Happy goal – 158.

Ecstatic goal – 153.

In my head, I had even given myself until the OBX full marathon in November to get to 153 and still be happy.

But even that? It seemed out of my reach. I’ve set so many weight goals before and not met them. The goals I've met have all been smaller, less drastic goals. I was nervous to put this out into the world. But now, a little shy of halfway in, I’ve never felt more confident.

I’m following Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules. The last few weeks were challenging (an out-of-town weekend followed by a stomach virus), but I jumped right back on where I fell off. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’m not allowing myself to extrapolate where I could be if I continue at this pace, because I know I won’t. I’m not getting ahead of myself. All I know is that I’m less than 2 pounds away of meeting my lowest tier goal. And the end date is still 8 weeks away.

I went to try on dresses for our anniversary dinner in a few weekends, and I am comfortably a 10. TEN. As in, one size away from single digits. I know I bought 8s last week, but they were a little snug. But it didn't occur to me that that meant that I could be comfortable in a 10. But I am.

I'm doing this, friends.