9 years

I haven't been sad about deleting my old blog until now. I had 5 years of anniversary posts over there. It is okay, though. Because some of you may be new. This may be when you are being introduced to Nathan. Say hello to my Big Red Fella.

I've been with Nathan since 1999. We were married in 2003.

And we've never looked back.

He is my cheerleader. My encourager. He runs with me. He comes back for me.

Yes, friends. He ran a marathon. And then walked a mile to support me through my last mile. And that's the kind of stuff he does every day.

He supports me in everything I do. He gets up with me at 4:45 and runs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He eats what I put in front of him. He doesn't bring foods that aren't on plan into the house. I could make a variety of crazy food declarations (and I have), and he goes with it. He is just a happy guy. And he keeps me happy.

If you read my old blog, you already know how wonderful he is. And if you've just met me through this one? You'll learn. Because I'll tell you often.

Happy anniversary, Honey. You are my absolute favorite. I can't wait to see where our life takes us.