fear is a liar

I met LaTanya in January when she started coming to group runs to train for her first 5K. Her dedication to running inspires me. She has struggled with calf problems. But she figured out how to treat herself and prevent the problems from coming back. She goes out there and gets her distance covered. She ran her first 10K at the Bluegrass 10,000 and I am so proud of her. Last weekend, I ran with her. We ran out at the Run the Bluegrass course. This course scares me. I still walk quite a few of the hills. I'm okay with that. But when I ran with LaTanya? We ran those hills. Because she wouldn't walk, I wouldn't walk. So why did I run those hills? Because I could. And why did I think I couldn't? Because I was afraid.

This is what I learned from LaTanya.

Thank you, my friend.