how I want to feel

Two weeks ago, I had a little epiphany. It was this line from Danielle LaPorte:

Yesterday was that day. I just kept thinking, "This. THIS. This is what I love. This is what makes me feel alive and in my element. This is what I need to figure out how to make in a career."

I was able to take an early lunch to attend an exciting press conference here in Lexington. Our beloved Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon is becoming the Rock 'n' Roll Lexington Half Marathon. I am very excited about what this means for our race and our city. Very excited.

I walked into the room and immediately felt at home. I know these people. I belong here. It truly was a great feeling. It was electric in that room. I was in a room of familiar people. I belong in this room of movers and shakers and runners. I felt the way I want to feel.

Last night was also the inaugural running of the West Sixth Brewery Run Club.

No one really knew what to expect with it being the first meeting of the group. I'm pretty sure that no one expected this.

(photo from the West Sixth Running Club FB page)

This is what Lexington brings to a brewery to run. On a summer night. To celebrate the race. To meet new people. To just get out there and run. There are lots of LexRunLadies and their Dudes in this picture.

But just as exciting as the group picture is this one. This is my dearest buddy Kent and his wife, Melanie. They have started to run. With us. I cannot tell you how much I love seeing them at our group runs. There's something encouraging about having people from my pre-run life getting involved in my running life.

The run was great. A nice downtown loop. Running with others often increases my pace quite a bit, and this run was no different. I had a blast.

And then I gave my beer away. Because I'm really focused on my weight right now. I was very proud of that.

So I don't know where this will lead. But I'm going to keep doing things that make me feel like yesterday. I'm going to keep meeting people. Continue looking for events like these to be a part of and help with. Introduce myself and offer my assistance to the organizers.

And have faith that I will figure this out. Faith that I'll be in the right place to take an opportunity that is unknown at this point. Faith that I'm working toward some undetermined goal.

And faith that it will present itself.