run to remember

In September, I am doing something crazy awesome. I'm running in the Bourbon Chase. Myself, along with 11 other people (and only one that I have met) will run 200 miles over the course of 2 days. Overnight included. I am excited and nervous, but so thankful that I have been offered this opportunity.

We aren't just running, though. We're running for a reason. For a cause. I was honored when I was approached to run with Run to Remember for Hospice. It wasn't that long ago that Hospice provided care for my grandfather and our family. In a time that was incredibly painful for us, we were all treated with dignity and respect. We were given peace even though we brought chaos into their center. Hospice holds a very special place in my heart. Because of what they did for this man.

This is where I need your help. This is a charity team. I need to raise money. And I'm asking you for a favor.

Can you make a donation to my team? Can you spare your daily coffee? Pack a lunch tomorrow? Maybe more?

We have one donation page for the entire team. If you are able to donate, please make sure to include my name so that I can carry your support and/or the memory of your loved one with me. In the space that asks "Please make my gift in memory/honor of:" fill in whatever you choose, but please put my name (Krissie) at the end. I want to make sure that I'm able to thank each of you.

Thank you in advance. I know money is tight, but I also know that this cause is very near to my heart. And I'm sure it for a lot of you all as well.

Feel free to leave extended comments here if there is someone you want me to run in memory of. I'd be happy to.