Team Bob Week 3 - eats

When I packed up my food last night, I was really excited for my food today. Really excited. Only after looking at last week's post did I notice that my eats were very similar to last week's. So I guess I don't miss variety!

Breakfast: Via. Ezekiel bread/peanut butter/smashed banana

Snack 1: Fage and blueberries

Lunch: Quinoa with edamame, pineapple, red pepper and soy (this is FANTASTIC)

Snack 2: 1/2 avocado and some baby sweet peppers

Pre-Zumba snack: tall iced latte, baby cheese, apple

Dinner: about 3/4 of this awesome white wine turkey sausage and lots of squash

Total calories: 1361.

Zumba/Butts and gutts: 632 burned.

I'll call that a great day.

I'm still following Bob's Skinny Rules pretty closely. Tonight was a little off. I didn't get home from Zumba until 7:30 and still had to cook, so dinner was a little late. That's okay, though. It'll be fine.

I'm absolutely loving this plan. The first three days were rough, but I've really fallen into a pattern. I know my loss won't be as big this week, but I lost 9 pounds in the first 2 weeks.

I was really surprised today about how tempted I didn't feel. There was birthday cake at work and no less than 10 people told me that there was cake in the break room. And when I got my tiny little latte at Starbucks? I glanced at the cake pops, but didn't have the draw to them. And when I checked out at the grocery, I almost went to the Ghiradelli bucket out of habit. But I remembered that they aren't on the plan, and that was that. No draw. No frustration that I couldn't have one. Just an easy decision.

So have you read Bob's book? Are you trying the plan? What do you think?