Sunday Run-Down

I've committed to Bob Harper's Skinny Rules. What I didn't intend to do, though, was burn like 3 million calories today. (I exaggerate a little bit. Let's just get that out of the way.)

I didn't make my 10-mile run yesterday because of, stomach instability. So I headed out to get 10 in this morning.

I was blessed to have Kristina join me for the first six. (Shes on the left.) I've wanted to run more with her, but she lives out of town and has kids, so I don't get to see her often. We just chatted away through the 6 that was on her plan. Then I went on and finished the last four on my own. I felt solid and strong. I needed that. It was my first 10-miler since the marathon.

Then I picked up Kelly and we headed to the airport. No, not to get on a plane, but to hang out on a runway.

me, Jerri, Audrey, and Kelly all set for Bikram

This Bikram Yoga class was part of the Second Sunday activities and was one of the funnest things I've done for a while. It was nice to have the flow of the familiar Bikram class without the heat and humidity of the hot room. And that says a lot since it was the mid-80s and we were on a runway. I love how the class leaves me feeling both totally drained and empowered at the same time. I just love it.

I came home, made dinner, and headed back out to meet my Ladies (and my oldest friend Kent) for our Sunday evening group run.

It may have only been 81*, but it was humid out there, friends! I did one loop around the Arboretum and then headed home.

By the numbers:

Goodbye 1199 calories from the 10 mile run.

And Yoga? There went 294 more! (It wasn't traditional Bikram since it wasn't in the Hot Room, so I counted it as just plain yoga).

And 221 more gone from my 30 minute run/walk with the group.

That's a grand total of 1714 calories burned today. I think that's a record.

I had a busy day! I felt radical and committed. Woo hoo!