a little about me as a yoga teacher...

Who am I?

I'm Krissie - that's me on the farthest-right on my beloved melon mat. I am a 200-hour Certified Curvy Yoga Teacher. I completed my training through Curvy Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee with Anna Guest-Jelley. I received additional Yoga for All Certification with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes.

What do I believe about yoga?

Yoga is a way to connect our thoughts and our bodies. I believe that our bodies are the key to so much wisdom in our lives. We just need to learn how to tune into them.

Yoga is a tool to help us take care of our bodies. Not for an outcome or result. Not by punishing ourselves. Yoga teaches us to take better care of ourselves because we respect and care for our bodies. And that carries outside of the studio as well.

What can you expect from a yoga class with me?

Props, props, props. I have a set of 10, so get to in-person classes early - first come, first propped.

I want to keep you out of child's pose (unless I direct you there). I'll teach you to find a comfortable-enough version of the poses. You'll stay engaged in my class. That is my commitment to you.

In the deepest corners of my heart, I am a counselor. You will be invited to look deeper than the poses. I will cue you not only in movement, but in thought and intention. I will give you the option to think about how you inhabit your body, what you can learn from your body, and how you can integrate all of your pieces - mind, body, heart. You can count on a peaceful meditation and a nice yoga nap. But, as with everything in yoga,  you always have a choice. You can choose what to take and what to leave, what to respond to and what to let go. That is the beauty of yoga.

What will you not find in my yoga classes?

I will not ask you to stand on your head. Or your forearms. Or your shoulders. And if I ask you to do something that your body doesn't do on that day? We'll figure it out.

My classes are expectation-free. Each day is different, each class is different. You bring different energy. You need something different. And you get to decide what that means. You do you - of that hour.

For in person and online classes, click the yoga tab above (or just click here)

I am also offering smaller classes if you have a need - one-on-one, small group, corporate, wedding party. Please feel free to contact me at krissie.bentley@gmail.com.

You can find more information about me just poking around the site. I post my daily yoga practice on The Yoga Still Facebook Page.

I use Instagram as @KrissieBentley as a place to post mini-blogposts, show off my beautiful husband, and share the antics of my crazy cat.

You can also follow me on twitter at @KrissieB.

a little about me as a life coach...

"Krissie is amazing. She provides a very holistic, positive approach to self care. Self improvement doesn't have to be a painful process focused on sacrifices and facing difficult realities. It can be really fun, insightful, and energizing. Krissie does a great job of framing that in an actionable way." Ann B, Lexington, KY

"Krissie is a creative and intentional woman who has been in my shoes -- someone wanting to make a difference in her own personal life -- be more healthy, active, wanting to live a life that she absolutely adores -- but also recognizes the other demands that grab our attention and distract us. She doesn't want to drown out those distractions but helps put a focus on how they could be an ally to your success and what things need to be addressed. She gets it." Faith C, Paris, KY

I am glad you found your way here.

I want to be a catalyst that brings intention, focus, and gentle challenge into your relationship with your body.

I want your life - and your body- to feel lived-in. Inhabited. Welcoming.

Because you can do amazing things. You can fall in love with yourself. You can treat your body with respect and kindness. You can learn to appreciate her counsel.

And you can do them with a sense of ease. I know because I have worked with women like you. And I have watched amazing things happen. Over and over and over.

I help you see what is right in front of you. I help you find your own answers. I help you ask different questions. I lead you back to you. We chat over skype. We keep in touch in between with text messages.

If you are open, I will bring meditation, body awareness, and yoga philosophy to help you connect with your body and emotions more deeply. But I won't get too woo-woo. I promise.

I have taken many paths to get to this point. I'm a non-practicing (but still licensed) clinical counselor. I am a certified Curvy Yoga Teacher. So much that I connected with in those two areas have led me to this place. Right here. Where you find me today. Living and working from a place of joy.

Looking for my old blog? Read archives at my radical commitment and (waaaaay back) questionsfordessert.